$547.00 AUD

Money and Manifestation Course with Canna Campbell

Join us and get ready for a wild transformation!

What you'll get:

  • Get exclusive access to 20 detailed and actionable Money Mindset & Manifestation Video Trainings. These will guide you step by step in reshaping your thoughts around wealth and instilling a powerful manifestation practice into your life.

  • Join a thriving Facebook Group Community where you can share your journey, get inspired, and grow alongside like-minded individuals committed to transforming their financial reality.

  • Enjoy the privilege of direct DM Instagram messaging with Canna Campbell herself. Here, you can share your wins, ask your burning questions, and get expert advice tailored to your unique situation.

  • Benefit from a Monthly Group Zoom Call where you can discuss your progress, get live feedback, and further insights into applying mindset and manifestation principles.

  • Take advantage of the chance to transform your financial life through proven mindset shifts and manifestation techniques. Your path to financial freedom starts here.

  • Stay connected and motivated in your journey towards wealth and abundance with consistent support and guidance from a community and mentor dedicated to your success.